Public Holidays are the best.  It’s like having another Saturday in your week.

This long weekend my brother Trev, and my cuz Benny and I went to the Perth Royal Show.  It was amazing.  The thing I loved the most, was 6 hours of walking without even trying.  The worst thing was trying to find a lunch that wasn’t greasy.  Immediately I wanted sushi, or some of those Vietnamese fresh rice paper rolls.  Of course I couldn’t find anything.  So I settled on some calamari, chips and salad.   Trev ate all the chips, and the calamari and salad was just enough to fill me. PERFECT.  Better his hips than mine.


 I guess you could make your own lunch and take it with you.  But where is the fun in that??  There was so much fairy floss and hot chips I had to walk past.  It was like they were all jumping out at me EAT ME, BUY ME, LOVE ME.  Let me tell you, the trick, is to hold out until you find something that you absolutely want to eat.  For me, this was nougat, salami, cheese, and chocolate covered strawberries.  I got a little of each and savoured every bite.  I have to say that coming home and sharing the spoils with your cheese and salami addicted family helps quite a bit too.

Benny licking his lips over giant strawberries.

A shout out to Alex who we bumped into.  It was soooo good to see you there.

Catching up with Alex

A few more pics

On the ferris wheel
Me, Trev and Benny

Just as we were leaving I spotted the dim sum sushi house.  DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well I guess I should own up to the damage the weekend salami’s and nougat did to me.  Absolutely nothing.  In all I have lost 4kgs now…and in this last week I seem to be maintaining that.  While its disappointing not to lose any more, it is better that I maintain rather than gain back.


Regarding last fortnights challenge:

Week 2: “Real” beverages! Beverages will be limited to water, coffee, tea, kombucha, almond, rice or coconut milks, and ACTUAL fruit or vegetable juice. This means fruit juices containing only fruits and water. No sugars or artificial sweeteners, concentrates, preservatives etc. I know this might seem tough at first but stick to it and it will make a big difference. For coffee, try and limit to one cup a day.”

Finally!! I have managed to stick with everything listed above.   Substituting Coffee for Milo/Hot chocolate.  But I had to do it otherwise this was going to be painful.  I find that I may not stick to this completely.  I think I will still have dairy milk but only sometimes.  I really think its important to keep some measure of dairy in your diet.

This weeks challenge:

Week 3: Meat – If you eat meat, try and consume locally raised and organic if you can. Meat consumption will also be limited to 2 – 4 servings per week, and will not be the “focal point” of the meal.”

It wont be too hard for me.  I think I mostly do this anyway.   I might see if I can hook up the slow cooker (aka crockpot) soon and dig out some recipes for dinners.  Mum was a Weight Watcher’s lecturer for 10-15 years and is always cooking figure friendly meals.  Making it a point to cut off the fat off of steaks and chicken.  So naturally this is a habit I have developed over the years…of course I would add mashed potatos with cream and cheese, and maybe honeyed carrots and garlic bread.  Now I have salads. Different types of salads and instead of relying on meat for protein, I find myself eating more eggs, and legumes.

Well I hope this will help me to shed another kilo or 2.  I find I want to see more of a change on the scales.  I want to see more of a loss each week.  I don’t know why I cant lose any more.  I have been just as strict, just as vigilant with my meal choices.  I actually find myself becoming annoyed that I am not losing weight fast enough.  While I know that losing weight slowly is healthiest, it is also the most frustrating.  I only see small changes in myself, and I’ve only seen the same small changes for the last few weeks.motivational-fitness-workout-quotes-61

I also want to thank my readers for sticking with me each week.  It is a slow progress, but I am sure with determination and self control I can continue to shrink.

Also, less than 60 days until TAIWAN!!!! So excited and terrified that I wont be able to control myself around all the food!!!!

See you soon!

A xo

Celebrate with Clean Eating

Good Morning!!

Would you believe, just as I start changing the way I eat, a Hungry Jacks fast food restaurant opens up at the end of my street?!!!!  Like seriously?!!!!!!


I feel like a whopper.  But strangely, I don’t feel like fries or my diet coke. I just feel like a whopper.  I am meant to be having smaller portions…so how about a Junior Whopper?  What I hate about dieting the most, is depriving myself of things I really want to have, which is why I refuse to do it.  My family are having Hungry Jacks for dinner tonight, just because we can…am I going to say no? HELL NO!!  I dont want to be one of those people who scrutinise the menu for something that fits in with their rigid diet.  Im having a whopper for dinner tonight!!!  I feel that as long as I dont make this a regular occurance, its definitely OK to have a little indulgence…and a little extra time on the treadmill.

Changing the subject…

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dads out there for yesterday!!

Our family had a fantastic dinner to celebrate Father’s Day.  It gave me an awesome opportunity to incorporate some of the new recipes I have found on Audrey Johns Blog.   One of the recipes was a Strawberry Spinach Salad.  It also had a great strawberry and orange vinaigrette to go with it.  If you look at the salad, you will see I used shredded chicken.  It was optional but we had it in the fridge so why not?  I thought Strawberry and chicken was a little funny, but I really enjoyed it and the salad was totally demolished by the end of the meal. Two thumbs up from me.  I didn’t use any cheese as the recipe suggests, but it worked pretty well without it.  Another plus to this dish, it was super easy to prepare.

Contained: Spinach, strawberries, shredded chicken, walnuts.
Contained: Spinach, strawberries, shredded chicken, walnuts.

The other dish I made was a major hit with the family.  Skinny and Tasty Spinach Cheese Dip.  I had seen this done before and it tasted amazing.  So I was a little apprehensive about the ‘skinny’ part.  In my experience, low fat anything never tasted as good as the real deal…NEVER.   I would avoid the phrase ‘low fat’ like the plague.  Take low fat skim milk for example…YUK!!! To me it tastes like milk flavoured water *shivers*.  There is just no comparison.  This  recipe has a different flavour, but it leaves you feeling just as satisfied.   The Sourdough Cobb was a great dipping bread and the crust held the bread bowl together for the whole night.

Contained: Baby Spinach, Greek yoghurt, almond milk, cheddar and parmesan cheese, wholmeal plain flour, and garlic.

As I have been adhering to my new self-created rules, I have been finding that it is becoming increasingly easier to make good choices.  😀  A new habit or way of eating I want to establish for myself and my family is to cut out processed foods as much as I can.  Reading up about it, I have found 14 steps that will help with the process.

Week 1:  Eat two fruits and/or vegetables per meal. By eating a minimum of two different fruits or vegetables (preferably organic) with every breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will get your fruit and veggie intake up enough to begin hitting the daily recommended minimums. This will already start making you feel better.”

I find that I am already mostly doing this.  I think one more week to really master it will be the best thing for me and that way I can really help to integrate it into the family meal plans.

Its funny, I have family and friends who are making great choices in health and fitness and with their families, and I see inspirational quotes and amazing recipes from them all the time.  I used to gloss over it all and wish for a healthier me, but never actually getting serious about changing.  The motivation was sooooooo hard.  I never thought I’d be one to admit this out loud, but I have a dinkum fear of failure.  I guess that is what stops me from accomplishing a lot of things.

Doing this, and having friends and family encourage me to be better, is an amazing boost in the confidence I have in myself.  Not to mention seeing my results on the scales.

So this Thursday will see the return of my scrapbooking segment as I now have received my new items.

Have a good week and MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!  I will be!!

A xo