About the Blogger…

How much do you procrastinate??  I am a master of the art.

 I have always been the last to accomplish anything…if I ever accomplish it at all.  I have this amazing ability to almost completely forget to do something if I ever feel it is too hard to do. I have so much to improve upon!  Get it together girl.  I have felt so totally lost with failed relationships and missed job opportunities which of course has left me with a ‘need’ to eat all the things that are fun to eat and lots of it.  I have had a problem for a long while.

Hi, I’m Amanda, and I’m a procrastinator, excuse maker extraordinaire!!

But now…

Finally, I am starting to look at myself and think…I can change.  I can accomplish things…I want to look at things with a different perspective, changing my attitude, my whole outlook on life.

I didnt really have a hobby as such.  I need one.  Ive always had interests but always found them too overwhelming to pursue.  But I’ve decided it cant be that hard to make a start. So Ive decided to focus my attention on blogging…instead of eating.  Scrapbooking precious memories…instead of watching TV.  Quilting…instead of twiddling my thumbs. Planning a trip…instead of sitting on my bum.  I have never been outside of Australia…NEVER!!! I am 27!!!!


So with this blog, I will be encouraging others to make a difference, sharing tips I find for self-improvement, and the hobbies I enjoy. Sharing my progress as I start to take the journey towards bettering myself and experiencing life as it should be.  Lets see how this goes.

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