5 Months Later

So how have I been going 5 months later…actually…not too bad.

Ok I have bad and good news.

The bad news.  I gained 3kgs.  The good news.  I have maintained a 8kg weight loss for over 3 months. I feel good about that.  It all started at Christmas.  Remember my ‘I will eat whatever I like and do the miles later?’  Turns out, you actually need to do the miles.  I started falling back into the whole procrastinating thing.  “oh yeah, I will get up tomorrow and do it.” Well tomorrow comes and I’d rather sit on my behind and catch up on the latest episode of the Blacklist.  After about a week of this behaviour I started avoiding the scales and my blog. After about a month I was starting to feel heavier.  A couple of my dresses felt a teeny bit tighter…and I started to panic.  So back on the scales I hopped to see what the damage was.  91kgs!!!!!!!!  NOOOOOOOOOOO Back in the 90’s.


After a day of freak out.  I decided that it just wasn’t good enough.  I had recently booked tickets to see America with my cousin…and I couldn’t go over there looking like…this.  So once more I have started getting back control of my eating, and my fitness.  I definitely feel sloppier than before, and my tiny little muscles I had started to develop are no longer visible. This will not do.

It has started to occur to me that my love for doing nothing but eat is more ingrained than I thought. It feels good when you do it, but it feels like crap the next day when you step on the scales.  I have two very important aunties in my life.  One lives thousands of kilometres away in the USA and the other lives 25 mins away.  Both have been encouraging me to get back to it.  My USA auntie has said she misses reading my blog, and to be honest, I miss writing it.  The other has challenged me to crazy competition to lose 5kgs by my birthday mid may.  She is the same as me in height and weight and so we have made it our mission to beat the other and lose the weight.   Some days I have serious doubts, BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY



To help me learn more about myself, and to help keep myself focused, I have decided to take up meditation.  I did it briefly about 7 years ago, and I really enjoyed my experiences.  I found it very relaxing and refreshing.  I will do a bit more research and see where it takes me.

I hope by this time next week I will be able to say to you that I am under 90kgs.  That would be nice.

A xx