Blueberry Spelt Pancakes

Hello Good Morning!!

What a wonderful weekend!!  I attended the wedding of a very good friend of mine.  It was lovely!  It was a chinese wedding, full of colour and culture, and it was truly a wonderful wedding to be a part of.  As far as watching what I ate…I didnt have to!  They had sushi!!!!!

I have more excellent news!

I have finally made Blueberry and Spelt Pancakes!!  I had to add more milk to the recipe as I found the mix a bit thick.  They turned out great.

All ingredients out and ready to go!


using a bit of olive oil instead of butter on the pan. Looking nice and golden.


YUMMY!!! I replaced the icing sugar with a drizzle of honey instead. It was absolutely devine. A real keeper recipe.

I made another batch for breakfast in the morning.  With the fruit and a little honey, it tasted so good.

I did actually find some amaranth too.  But still deciding on a recipe.   But I feel confident enough to move on to the next challenge.

Week 6: No low-fat, lite or non-fat food products –  Do not eat any food products that are labeled as’low-fat,’ ‘lite’ ‘light,’ ‘reduced fat’ or ‘non-fat’.

This I think will be a lot easier than the last challenge.  I don’t usually buy anything labelled non-fat just on principal.  For instance, Skim milk?…NO THANK YOU…give me full cream any day.

I have lost another 1.2kg  this week.  In total I have now lost 7.8 kgs!!  (17lbs) So I am back with my usual work out, and routine.  I love that I was able to get back on the horse and not give up.


A few people have asked how I am eating differently.  So today I will share some of my favourite things to have in my weekly meal plan:

6:40-7:00am, Breakfast – Oat Porridge with blueberries, honey, and flaked almonds.  Sometimes I will choose a different fruit.  Favourites include bananas, strawberries, and mixed berries.   I will also usually have a glass of water or almond milk with it.  Of course I will now be adding spelt pancakes to my weekly ritual.

10:00am, Snack – Fruit (usually an apple with cinnamon) or Dried cranberries and nuts (only small serving).  Go Natural fruit bar, or a handful of Late July organic chips.   Tuna tub. On very rare occasions I will have a Freddo…because I can.

12pm – 1pm, Lunch – Vietnamese Fresh Rolls, Chicken and salad Sandwich, Sushi, Or occasionally, I may have a cheese toasty.  Usually tho, it will be left over dinners.

Snack – See above.  Although I will never have the same thing twice.

6pm – 7pm, – Dinner – Protein, with 2 serves of veg.  Usually.  Other times, if others are cooking, I may get fried rice, pasta, apricot chicken etc.  In these instances, I like to have a small serving and go for a walk about 30 mins.  One of my absolute favourite things ever is grilled salmon. I can never get enough.

Every day I will drink about 1.5-2L of water.  Because I have been doing it for so long, if I don’t get enough, I will actually crave it.  I tried to have a Pepsi Max the other day, and I couldn’t stomach it.  It didn’t feel right at all.  Everyone…I am changing!!

Its been so exciting to see my weight drop week after week.  Now that I am officially back on track, the weight should drop off a bit quicker.

By the way…24 DAYS UNTIL TAIWAN!!! Im so super excited.  It still feels like it’s way in the distance.  I can wait to see my little Asian family.

My Asian Family

Happy Melbourne Cup Day Australians!


A xo




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