100% Wholegrain

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

This week’s weigh in: I have lost another 100g.  So total weight loss 7.9 kilos…I can almost smell 8kgs.  Its soooo close.   This is the most weight I have ever lost…intentionally.

Goal-closer (1)

Last weeks challenge:

Week 6: No low-fat, lite or non-fat food products –  Do not eat any food products that are labeled as’low-fat,’ ‘lite’ ‘light,’ ‘reduced fat’ or ‘non-fat’.  

EASY!!!  I didnt have to think about this.  I naturally choose full fat everything, simply because my taste buds demand it.  To have something lite, or non-fat means replacing all the natural fat, with chemicals.  Id rather have natural any day!!  I mean seriously, Low fat milk or full cream? Which would you choose.  Low fat just tastes like watered down milk.  NASTY!

This weeks challenge:

Week 7: 100% Whole grain – All grains consumed must be 100% whole-grain

YIKES!! This is a toughy.  I always try my absolute best to have whole grains wherever possible.  But I usually make an allowance for rice paper rolls, and sushi.  I have found an alternative to rice in sushi, quinoa!! It is actually a really great substitute.  Rice paper rolls are going to be my issue.  For this exercise, I think I will continue to make an allowance, But I will definitely be more rigid with what I put in the toaster, and wrap my burritos in.  Have you ever seen how much Whole grain bread costs?!!!!!  The price can rocket up to $5-6 a loaf!!!  A simple white bread loaf, is under a dollar.  Eating healthy can  certainly be far more expensive.  I wonder if it is cheaper to make my own?  There is a bread maker in the pantry…hmmmm…If you have any recipes for wholegrain bread or anything that is 100% whole grain, please bust them out and let me know.  I am super keen to give it a try.


After Googling, I found this recipe that I will give a go, and I will let you know how it all pans out.  It seems that wholegrain bread is never as fluffy as the normal white bread we see in the supermarkets.  So I will be praying this recipe is as fluffy as it says it is.

I was talking to an aunty of mine who is also getting on the weight loss bandwagon, and she is having the same problem I had in the beginning.  Snacking before bed.  I love to share tips and stories on my experiences with losing weight, so I was happy to dish on all my favourite tips.  It seems to me that this is the biggest issue with a lot of people who are trying to lose weight.  To them, my tip is this:

Create a meal plan, full of lean and nutritious dinners.  Grab a plate smaller than usual and fill it up.  This will give the illusion that you are eating more, when you are actually eating less.  Also, do not eat after 8pm.  If you feel you have to, then drink some water.  This really helps to curve the cravings.

While online browsing I found the following tips.  They grabbed me immediately and I could certainly relate.  If you think you want to quit because it’s too hard, having to start again is worse.


In other news…less than 3 weeks til Taiwan! To be precise…17 DAYS!

Catch you next week!

A xo

Blueberry Spelt Pancakes

Hello Good Morning!!

What a wonderful weekend!!  I attended the wedding of a very good friend of mine.  It was lovely!  It was a chinese wedding, full of colour and culture, and it was truly a wonderful wedding to be a part of.  As far as watching what I ate…I didnt have to!  They had sushi!!!!!

I have more excellent news!

I have finally made Blueberry and Spelt Pancakes!!  I had to add more milk to the recipe as I found the mix a bit thick.  They turned out great.

All ingredients out and ready to go!


using a bit of olive oil instead of butter on the pan. Looking nice and golden.


YUMMY!!! I replaced the icing sugar with a drizzle of honey instead. It was absolutely devine. A real keeper recipe.

I made another batch for breakfast in the morning.  With the fruit and a little honey, it tasted so good.

I did actually find some amaranth too.  But still deciding on a recipe.   But I feel confident enough to move on to the next challenge.

Week 6: No low-fat, lite or non-fat food products –  Do not eat any food products that are labeled as’low-fat,’ ‘lite’ ‘light,’ ‘reduced fat’ or ‘non-fat’.

This I think will be a lot easier than the last challenge.  I don’t usually buy anything labelled non-fat just on principal.  For instance, Skim milk?…NO THANK YOU…give me full cream any day.

I have lost another 1.2kg  this week.  In total I have now lost 7.8 kgs!!  (17lbs) So I am back with my usual work out, and routine.  I love that I was able to get back on the horse and not give up.


A few people have asked how I am eating differently.  So today I will share some of my favourite things to have in my weekly meal plan:

6:40-7:00am, Breakfast – Oat Porridge with blueberries, honey, and flaked almonds.  Sometimes I will choose a different fruit.  Favourites include bananas, strawberries, and mixed berries.   I will also usually have a glass of water or almond milk with it.  Of course I will now be adding spelt pancakes to my weekly ritual.

10:00am, Snack – Fruit (usually an apple with cinnamon) or Dried cranberries and nuts (only small serving).  Go Natural fruit bar, or a handful of Late July organic chips.   Tuna tub. On very rare occasions I will have a Freddo…because I can.

12pm – 1pm, Lunch – Vietnamese Fresh Rolls, Chicken and salad Sandwich, Sushi, Or occasionally, I may have a cheese toasty.  Usually tho, it will be left over dinners.

Snack – See above.  Although I will never have the same thing twice.

6pm – 7pm, – Dinner – Protein, with 2 serves of veg.  Usually.  Other times, if others are cooking, I may get fried rice, pasta, apricot chicken etc.  In these instances, I like to have a small serving and go for a walk about 30 mins.  One of my absolute favourite things ever is grilled salmon. I can never get enough.

Every day I will drink about 1.5-2L of water.  Because I have been doing it for so long, if I don’t get enough, I will actually crave it.  I tried to have a Pepsi Max the other day, and I couldn’t stomach it.  It didn’t feel right at all.  Everyone…I am changing!!

Its been so exciting to see my weight drop week after week.  Now that I am officially back on track, the weight should drop off a bit quicker.

By the way…24 DAYS UNTIL TAIWAN!!! Im so super excited.  It still feels like it’s way in the distance.  I can wait to see my little Asian family.

My Asian Family

Happy Melbourne Cup Day Australians!


A xo