Falling off the Wagon

Good Morning Sunshine!!

What a hideous week it has been in terms of weight loss.  Normally when I try to lose weight, I would pick a diet and try and stick to it.  If for whatever reason I decided to eat something not incorporated in said diet, I would throw my hands in the air and buy a bag of chips.   Diet gone.  Lots of junk food, gain all the weight back, plus interest.  This last week would normally see me do just that.   But I have vowed and declared that this is not some temporary fad.  It is instead my new PERMANENT healthy way of living


This last week started to go downhill on Tuesday.  Mum told me she would like to have dinner with the family and so we all trundled down to Hungry Jacks.  BAD IDEA.  I admit I was hesitant to order anything, but settled on a Whopper Burger.  ‘Its just one whopper’ said the devil on the right hand shoulder.  ‘You dont need it’ said the angel on the left.  The angel didn’t put up enough of a fight and I found myself with the worst nausea the next day.   I spent that day in so much pain, I vow and declare I will never again have another whopper from Hungry Jacks.  I must not used to the processed foods.  I seriously just spent all of the last week trying to eliminate it from my diet.   OH DEAR MANDA.el-meme-latino-una-pequea-diferencia600-x-646-101-kb-jpeg-x

Wednesday lunch at work.  I wondered over to the local IGA Supermarket and decided to buy a pack of Chocolate Freddo Frogs with the intent to snack on one every so often.  I thought it would be okay to have one a day or so.  So I came back to the office where I work with the best of intentions, and plopped the bag of Freddos on my desk.  A shout out to my colleague Emma who saw the bag of Freddos and whipped them away faster than you can say ‘I’m craving that.’  She told me ‘NO! You have worked too hard to get where you are.’  She then proceeded to hide the bag of Freddos somewhere in the staff room kitchen.  I still haven’t found them. I asked her WHYYYYYY  and she told me ‘I’m helping you get another charm on your bracelet.”  I really am very thankful for her support.

Unfortunately her efforts were in vain.  Even though she has still successfully hidden the freddos, it did not stop me making some pretty bad choices over the course of the week.


Saturday came and I spent the morning getting my laptop fixed…and having lunch at the ‘All-you-can-eat Sizzler restaurant.  So the whole point of this restaurant is the amazing variety of food and I can eat as much as I want.  I decided to keep with smaller portions…which meant a little bit of this, and a little bit of that…and a little bit of EVERYTHING!!!!  There was no control.  I did however manage to keep off the Pepsi and have orange juice instead.  Of course that night I indulged in some pizza as well.  4 slices, not to mention the garlic bread and glass of Sprite.  Can you believe I still had room after that massive lunch?  I confessed to Emma what I had done on the weekend and she was so horrified.

So I began my day with my ritual Monday weigh in.  And I have gained back a whole Kilo. (2.2 lbs)  No surprises there (so much for that 700g).  2 steps forward, 1 step back.  I will have to try double hard this week to get back to where I was.  This definitely means upping the treadmill times.  Fingers crossed I can get back to the smaller me I was last week.

Today I am back on the clean eating bandwagon.  I am back to drinking water all day, breakfasts, veggie lunches, and small protein dinners.   I guess everyone has those days…or weeks where they splurge.  As long as you get back on the horse.


To everyone reading this who is trying to make a change.  It’s okay.  It will probably happen to you too.  Sure its disappointing to get back on the scales and see a kg added, but you can’t give in.  You deserve this.  You deserve to feel amazing.  Get back to it!

I never got a chance to complete my weight loss challenge this week.  So I will give it another go.  Anyone have any tips of how to find Amaranth and Spelt flour??  I will definitely keep an eye out as I walk through the health food aisles in the supermarkets.  I am hoping that this week will be a heck of a lot better than this last week.

Ciao for now

A xo

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