Finally a lil Scrapbooking!!

Good morning!!

Finally I have got round to doing something creative.

Step 1: Photo Selection

I have been looking over the photos of this year and thought about the kind of album I want to create.  So I have decided to start by scrapbooking all of my major events this year so far.  It will be the 2015 event scrapbook.  I will think of a better title later.

So the first major thing that happened this year, was the church 2015 YSA (Young Single Adult) National Convention, which this year was held in Perth.  One thing you have to understand about me, is I am not at all a ‘go out’ kind of person…especially with large groups of people I dont know.  I dont feel comfortable because of my weight issue so I tend to stay at home or just stay in a close knit group of friends.  Dont get me wrong,  I would love to go out, be social and be 100% comfortable with myself.  But I’m not.  Which is one of the reasons I have started losing weight.

Convention was full of fun things to do, we had the silent disco, the trip to Rottnest, the waterslide day, the ball, and a bunch of other things, and while I attended most of these events, I didnt take many photos or involve myself too much.    So the pics I have chosen are pretty simple and in my opinion capture the essence of my experience at the convention.

Step 2: Layout.

I simply Googled a layout I wanted to use.  There are so many!!  I wanted a simple layout to hold 3 photos and leave enough room for embellishments and a bit of decorating.


Step 3: Materials

I have developed a bit of a fettish for acrylic stamps.  I love them. They are easy to use and you can store them easily in a file.  So of course I had to include them somehow.  I have also purchased a gold mist spray.  which I thought would look nice against a sky blue background.  A fine Messy Marker for the photo captions.  A few flower embellishments, a butterfly I cut out of some wrapping paper, Black Staz-On ink pad, sky blue 12×12 paper, acrylic block, star formation rhinestone, foam smiley sticker, green rhinestone, and double sided craft tape.


Step 4: Putting it all Together

First I spritzed the paper with the gold mist.  I thought it would be a finer mist than what it appeared to be… and for future note, try spritzing it on something other than your only page of blue paper for your first try.


You cant tell in the picture, but the gold was really quite shiny.  Next I layered the photos and paper and embellishments on the blue page.   I didn’t glue anything down until I was 100% happy with it.  Once I was happy, I glued it all down and added the title.  I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to invest in some alphabetical stamps.


Step 5: captioning Photos

I captioned the photos with the peoples names.  As time goes by names might be forgotten so I think its a great idea to put as many details in as you can.

Voila! The finished product.  Tell me what you think. This is probably the simplest form of scrapbooking I have seen but it still makes me smile as I look at it and remember the people I met and the fun times I had.


I love trying new techniques.  The technique I tried using today was using the ink spray to make the background more interesting.  I definitely need to find out if the problem was me or a dodgy spray head.  More practising required me thinks.

If you love scrapbooking and have any thoughts for improvement or a new technique I should try, please let me know.

Well finally a scrapbooking page!!!

On Monday I will update you on my progress with clean eating and fitness.  Busting out the aqua-aerobics this week.

Ciao for now

A xo

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