A Double Whammy Blog Post

Sooooooo I have to apologise for going AWOL this Thursday.  But I will definitely absolutely do the scrapbooking segment this week.

I do have some very good news.  I can say that this fortnight I have lost 2.2Kgs.  This means that I have lost a total of 3.7Kgs.  Whaaat??


It seems small to me, but any loss is good.  I cant see it yet, but I feel a lot better about myself knowing that I am eating healthier, and moving a lot more.  Also, my dress had a little bit more room this morning. WIN!!  I am so excited to lose enough weight that it becomes really noticeable.


On the weekend I actually bought a couple of T-Shirts with inspirational weightloss phrases.  I also bought a pair of expensive sneakers.  I think if I am financially invested in this, I will be more motivated to continue.  I NEVER thought I would be one to buy these kinds of T-Shirts…EVER!

The best thing that happened over the weekend, my lil sis asked me to go over to her place and help her organise her pantry to become more ‘clean eating’ friendly.  Its like people are coming to me for advice on how to eat better.  3 Months ago, people came to me for advice on which Krispy Kreme I would recommend (Original glazed and Kookies ‘n’ Kreme).


I find that when my family want to incorporate ‘clean eating’ into the weekly meal plans, I don’t have to ask things like ‘what did you use in the sauce?’.  At my sisters place for dinner on the weekend, she served pineapple and orange infused water.  LOVE THAT!!!  I was super impressed with the effort she put in to the super healthy meal that night.

I am getting a lot of support from friends and family, positive comments, encouragement, a new recipe,  helpful hints.  A shout out to Ash for introducing me to the Skinny Fork website.  The recipes are sooo good.  I am looking forward to trying the spaghetti recipe I found.

While making some great choices this week,  I haven’t been without my moments of weakness.  I have been quite naughty throughout the fortnight…a whopper at Hungry Jacks (sooo good!!!), salami in my sandwich, miss a day of exercise, and one night I ate after 8pm! *gasp!*  I just have to get back on the horse and keep going.   If you move your body more in a workout session or 20 minutes on the treadmill, its easy to recover from little mistakes that you will make.


Some things I have learnt:

  • Rolled oats boost metabolism
  • White bread slows it down, as does pasta, rice, and potatos… DAMMIT
  • Diet coke lowers metabolism for up to 5 hours!!! D-:
  • You use more calories chewing celery and carrots than what you consume. 😀
  • Always eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism
  • Always choose wholegrain wherever possible, these foods are slower to digest meaning they don’t slow metabolism.
  • Don’t under eat.  The body goes into starvation mode and holds on to as much as it can.
  • ‘Little Pickers wear big knickers’… FALSE…smaller, nutritious meals throughout the day helps to maintain your metabolic rate.
  • I am obsessed with boosting my metabolism

One of the best ways to boost metabolism is to eat healthy unprocessed foods (clean eating).   I found 14 steps to help me achieve this.  The first step I learnt this week was to incorporate 2 fruits/2 veg into each meal.  I can confidently say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  A lot easier than expected

My new challenge this week is:

Week 2: “Real” beverages! Beverages will be limited to water, coffee, tea, kombucha, almond, rice or coconut milks, and ACTUAL fruit or vegetable juice. This means fruit juices containing only fruits and water. No sugars or artificial sweeteners, concentrates, preservatives etc. I know this might seem tough at first but stick to it and it will make a big difference. For coffee, try and limit to one cup a day.”

I dont actually drink coffee so no problems there, and I have no idea what Kombucha is.  I guess I should probably Google it.   This will be a bit of challenge for me as I really really love my Milos.  Maybe I will substitute Coffee for Milo in the above text.  See how I go.

So that will be the end for the weightloss segment of this blog.  Of course if you have any good tips or recipes be sure to send them my way.  The best thing about this blog is it helps to keep me motivated, and I have an opportunity to share what I learn…who knows, maybe I can inspire someone to make a change.  Wouldn’t that be something?!



Ciao for now

A xo

2 thoughts on “A Double Whammy Blog Post

  1. The berry dessert we made the other night was delicious. We got that off the skinny fork website . It was great because the nutritional info and serving size were included with the recipe. Lately I’ve been jumping on the smoothie bandwagon and starting my day with a smoothie ( berries, spinach, almond milk, natural greek yoghurt, chia and cinnamon). Ive also tried a recipe for protein balls for a good nutritious snack 😊


    1. Dad makes a smoothie each day, he hasn’t just jumped on the bandwagon, he has become obsessed. Literally filling each shake with as much as he can, which sometimes destroys the flavour of the shake. But I admire his zeal and excitement each time he hands me a glass and says “here, take a sip” YIIIIKES RUUUUN. Every new creation is cause for concern, this morning, he said it was a little mustard tasting…ooooh dear. Your smoothie sounds really nice, I might see if he will give it a go. What kind of berries do you use? I have a recipe to make home made almond milk, but I haven’t tried it yet. If it’s any good I’ll pass it on.


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