I will never DIET again!!!

Recently I have been thinking about the stuff I stick in my gob.  I love food, I’m not fussy and I have a real problem with deprivation.  I dont want to go to a friends birthday party and not be able to eat the cake.  That mega sucks!!


If I feel like I cant keep off chocolate or carbs or sugar etc, then whatever diet Im on, is doomed to fail.  I have tried all the diets before, you name it, Ive tried it.  Some of them worked great! I lost a bunch of weight and then when I felt good, I would come off my diet and eventually gain it all back…plus interest!!!!!  And that is my life story as far as dieting goes.


This is why I am sooooo totally against Dieting and instead making a Healthy Lifestyle Change.  So this week I am looking at moving my body more and finding at least 15 minutes a day where I do some sort of constant physical exercise.  It’s been hit and miss a bit this week.  But I did manage to get in about 2 hours yesterday as I was out in the city.  Im hoping that counts for something.

Recently while looking for ideas for my next challenge, I found a blog by Audrey Johns.   She is amaaaaazing!!!  Her blog…now pay attention…Lose Weight By Eating…HOLD THE PRESS, WE HAVE A NEW HEADLINE!!!!!!  Do I dare hope? or dream?   Indeed I do!!!

This is her motto


What have I just been talking about?!!!! NO DIET!!!!!!!!

Instead of limiting yourself to things…you should change what you eat…permanently.  She is talking about cutting out as much processed food as you can, aka Clean Eating.  There is so much trash in food these days.  Now I bow my head in shame because I have been told this by pretty much everyone…diet coke….is not really DIET.  Sure it has zero sugar, but it does contain other things.   A shout out to Roxy, who would tell me this every day at work if I came to the lunch room with a can or bottle of Diet Coke.   I am proud to say I am 5 days without Diet Coke…I pray that I will never feel tempted again.


My next challenge is pretty clear to me, and it comes with a 14 week step by step guide…woah now, no spoilers or I will have nothing to blog about next week. 😛  In the meantime I am trying hard to find my 15 mins a day, and drinking as much water as I can.  I am still trying to decide upon a juice infuser water bottle.  Audrey Johns swears by infused water, another reason I love reading her blog.  You should see all her recipes!!

This one is called the Apple Cinnamon Water Recipe…SOOO GOOOD.

She also says (and this is the best part) that if you decide to make a change, and eat healthy you need to find healthy eating lifestyle that works for you.

 Audrey shared her experiences “One of the things recommended to remove from my diet was coffee. Well, I LOVE coffee, I am a mother of a toddler… hello! By day 4 I decided to rebel against the plan and have one cup per day, and I am happy to say following the plan from then on was a cinch. Why was it easier to follow the plan? Because I modified it to meet my individual needs.


Anyways I thought I would share with you this amazing blog.  Im so happy I found it.

Enjoy the rest of your week.   Stay tuned for Monday!

A xo

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