SUCCESS at week 2!!!

Congratulations to me!!!!!!!

Fellow blog lovers!!!!!! I have lost 1.52 Kilos!!!!!!  I know its not much, but by small and simple things are great things brought to pass!!! 😉 Time for an inspirational meme!!!!


So Yes, I did actually take down my weight before I started.  I wont tell you what it is, cos its a secret.  However I will tell you That I am going to try sooooo hard to lose 30 Kilos (66 Pounds).  But one thing I have learnt with goal setting, and especially in reference to weight loss, is to have small short term goals.  My first goal is to lose 5Kgs (11 Pounds).  I have 3.48 Kgs to go!!!

I have found it immensley difficult just to try and change a few habits.  Especially the ‘no eating after 8pm’ rule.  That has been the biggest challenge EVER!  Of course I have worked out a few small tricks to help me get through it.  These tricks are written in my earlier post In Other News.

So to start off my week, I will need a new challenge.  To begin, I think I will start with some form of exercise.   AAAARRGGHH the E word!!!!!   Wash your mouth out with chocolate!!!  Would be my normal reply.


But this week, I will be taking on an aquaerobics class.  Just once a week at this stage, as I am working, it is difficult for my schedule to work in with theirs.

Why am I choosing aquaerobics? Trust me its not just for old ladies.  Tho it is quite beneficial for them.  But I chose it because while I am bigger, the water hides my belly and the jelly when I move.  So I can move as much as I can and not feel too self-conscious. Aquaerobics can also be done by all fitness types, so until I can get my fitness level up.  I’ll be doing the best I can in the water.

Its hard work for a person such as myself to start doing physical exercise.  The extent of my movement is walking from the train station to work and back again.  That’s it.  Also, I dont run.  I just dont.  EVER!!! I am a pretty big person and parts of me, do not want to run.  If ever I do run, I feel a lot like Pheobe from FRIENDS…just bigger

So I am seeing some limitations.   Despite this, I can walk, and I can cycle and I can lift and Im thinking I may not actually need to run.  So my new goal for this week will be to find at least 15 mins a day of some sort of activity…shopping counts!!! online shopping does NOT.


So this week will see me dust off the cobwebs off the treadmill and hopefully I can get it started. It would be good to do it first thing in the morning.  But 15 minutes of extra sleep?  Its for the greater good!!!

Well that’s it for now.  Wish me luck as I attempt to start waking up earlier  for a 15 minute walk on the treadmill.   I will blog again probably Friday as I will HOPEFULLY have my scrapbooking supplies this week.  SOOOOO excited to FINALLY begin!!!  …If not…then at least I can tell you of my further progress this week.

Ciao for now

A xo


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