In Other News…

To all my loyal blog followers!!!!  Good Morning!!!

It seems that I have not been able to do a scrapbook segment this week as some of my core materials that Ive ordered in haven’t arrived yet.  NOOOO I have ordered an album, a couple of good adhesives, and some amazing scrapbook paper.  I ordered them from a great online scrapbooking store.  The sales are amazing!!  I cant wait to really organise my space and get into it.


So instead of a scrapbooking segment this week, I will do a general update on my new weightloss rule:

No eating after 8pm

Of course this rule was a disaster at first.   I would look at the clock, then look at the fridge, then look at the clock… and open the fridge.  I would convince myself that my tummy was rumbling.  It really wasn’t as it was still full from dinner but whatever.  I would still nosh nosh nosh on anything that looked small enough to sneak away, and filling enough to last a couple of episodes.   My favourites were a bag of Doritos,  a block of Cadbury, and a diet coke.   OK seriously…how bad is that??? SOOOOO BAD!!!!!!  I would like to clarify at this point that would go through a block of chocolate and large bag of Doritos a week, not every night so those of you who are staring at your screen in complete and utter horror…it was never as bad as that.  snakediet

But then I found that chewing sugar-free gum before bed really helps to stem the cravings.  Hopefully I will be able to get to a point where I wont even need that.  Also having a mug of hot tea is really good too.  So far this has been the biggest hurdle yet.

Eating straight before bed used to be a nightly ritual.  It was an absolutely terrible habit that I loved.  Now I think of all that nasty stuff just sitting inside me all night.  Its almost enough to make me gag.  I beg of you, if you have this habit, please stop.  Chew gum, drink tea, just don’t raid the fridge!!  It is still a nightly struggle for me but hopefully over the weekend I can make it this stick without too much fuss.


So lets recap the changes I have been making

  1. Drink Water! – This has become habit now.  I find I have absolutely no dramas in drinking water anymore.  I used to avoid it like the plague.  Now we drink juice infused water, hot peppermint tea…and if I have to drink plain water…I do it with a great swirly straw which makes it fun.
  2. Small Bowls – I used to eat out of this great big green bowl…it truly is massive. With big deep sides I could pile up my food to my hearts content.  Now I have a glass bowl which is dramatically smaller in size.  Even If I pile my food, it is still a lot smaller than what I was eating before.

Next week I think I will start adding in some exercises and then I will start weighing in.  Any ideas on the best way to do this? I was thinking every fortnight? Reader participation is a great way to help motivate and I hope you have some great ideas for me.

Ok readers that is all for now.  But as I work out this new blogging hobby of mine, I will find a scrapbooking schedule that will suit me.  For now tho, I will play it by ear and I hope you will all bear with me.

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