Week 2 weightloss, with a Sidenote

Well well…what can I say?  What a weekend!!!  My lil sis was married and the wedding was absolutely beautiful.  The Bride was stunning and the Groom looked so happy as he watched his bride walk down the aisle. Sorry guys, no photos!!  As specifically requested by the bride…at least not until she can pick the ones she likes.  Fortunately for you, I can post a pic of me…the Maid of Honour.  I will post again about the wedding sometime soon when I have more photos.


In the meantime, lets talk weight loss.

(In my best TV voice)  Previously on Bubble-O-Manda…

I decided to use smaller bowls and drink more water.

It turns out I dont much like the taste of water.  It feels boring and bland.  Here are some tips I’ve found to enjoy drinking water a lot more.

  1. Water bottle Juice Infuser:  Infusing your drinking water with fruit flavour is the best way I’ve found to enjoy water, just adds a lil something special.
  2. Herbal Tea:  Pretty much the same concept as the juice infuser.  My favourite tea to drink is Peppermint.  I love that minty freshness.
  3. Use a straw:  I LOVE STRAWS!!!!  find the funkiest straw you can find. This tip helped me a lot over the past week.


The smaller bowls are great to use.  Constantly filling up smaller bowls makes me feel like I am not skimping out. The fact is that I actually am eating healthier portions.

Moving on…

As I reviewed some of the photos taken of me at the wedding, I couldn’t help but notice big upper arms, and absolutely NO jawline!! So there I am, sticking out my neck as far as it will go, in the hope that I will at the very least, create a shadow under my chin.


Well if that doesn’t work, then I hope the photographer will take some creative license with Photoshop.

It truly does suck worrying about the photos people are taking, especially when you are begging them to take the photo ‘from above’.   Heaven help me if they decide to take a full body shot.  Just kill me.

So I have gone into this week with renewed invigoration, a large 1.5L bottle of water, a set of small bowls and a brand new rule.   No snacking after Dinner…In fact no eating after 8:00pm.

This last week I have noted this one habit I do constantly.  At the end of the day, I like to hop into bed, watch a couple of episodes…and snack.  My mums voice pops into my head “little pickers wear big knickers”.  Chips, chocolate, you name it, I’d munch on it.


I’ll see how I go this week. I’ll be removing all temptation: no more trips to Coles after work, no more ‘secret snack drawer’ …and absolutely no midnight trips to the fridge.   I used to think that the whole reason for having a light in the fridge was for midnight snackage…why else would it be there?

Turns out, it’s for when I get old and cant see anymore.

I will definitely be posting next week with this weeks results.

A xo



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