Scrap it Beginnings

Oh my goodness, it seemed I got a bit busy on Wednesday with appointments… but better late than never.

Well my main goal in taking up Scrapbooking is to record for myself and my family, all our precious memories.  Having said that I’ve been looking at some pretty amazing pages that people have created and they are simply stunning…and I can feel pretty overwhelmed when I see them…will I ever be that good??…and not to mention all the different techniques you can use and even the equipment!! Good golly!!! Some of this stuff can be soooo super expensive.  Fortunately I have seen some absolutely amazing pages that haven’t used a lot of these techniques and are just as effective.

I’m sure with trial and error and a hell of a lot of practise, I will be able to create something that others can marvel at.

About 5 years ago, I started scrapbooking…and I loved it.  Unfortunately life got in the way and before I knew it, my album was collecting dust on the shelf.  Here are a couple of pages I did back then.  So they are pretty simple pages, but they mean a lot to me.

2015-08-20 09.14.32 (1)           2015-08-20 09.13.34

Recently I found a blog called A Beautiful Mess.  These sisters are amazing at a lot of DIY projects aaaaand…SCRAPBOOKING!!!  They do a segment called ‘Scrapbooking Sunday’  Which is a new handy hint each week, or a post from them or a fan with what they have created.  It is very inspiring to go through all of their ideas.  They assure me that you do not actually need a ton of stuff, to create really memorable pages.   They seem to go along the lines of ‘less is more’, which is perfect for a beginner like me.

How scrapbookers see progress. ('I've been scrapbooking for ten years and I've got two pages done already!' 'Wow, you're fast!')

For now tho, I would like to go back to the basics.  Basic tools and materials needed to make a simple yet really meaningful page to display family photos.

So first up:

  • Scrapbooking Albums – these come in all sorts of colours and sizes.  I tend to enjoy using the big 12″x 12″.  Extra pages and arty crafty things are really easy to find for this size of Album.   I think until I become a bit better at this, I will stick to the original.

album sizes

  • Paper – Of course you need paper! This is probably the easiest thing to buy.  It can be found at craft stores, newsagencies, general stores.  The online stores are worth a visit as well.  The range is unbelievable!! There are sooo many different types.  I could spend literally hours in a craft store looking and marvelling at  it all.   I have learnt that I need to buy papers that are acid and lignin free, I have learnt that this is to prevent the photos from deteriorating…actually scrap that…anything you buy, be it adhesives, paper, embellishments…all need to be acid and lignin free.


  • A good pair of scissors and a good adhesive – Good scissors are a must.  A glue stick or glue dots or foam squares.  Foam Squares are good as they lift the photo off the page slightly for a more dimensional effect.   Again, any adhesive must be acid free.


  • Journalling Pen – Journalling with your scrapbook pages is the best way to tell your viewer the story on the page. A really cool effect that I have seen, is writing on top of photos.  This is especially cool with photos where this is a lot of sky or darkness or big areas of a colour.  I cant wait to try it out.  So I’ve been looking at pens that would do the job.  The first one is the UNI Ball Signo Impact White – This is for white ink on dark photos, or paper.   And the second one that I will try is the black Zig Photo Signature Pen.  For dark ink on light areas of colour.

Well that pretty much sums up the basics of tools you need to scrapbook.   I cant wait to get started.   Im still working on setting up a space to do it,  I still need a decent chair.  One of the things I would really like to try is going to a scrapbooking meet up.  There is a store locally that do it from 6pm-12am.  And people can go and do scrapbooking all night! They even give you access to machinery and the store, so you can literally do just about anything!  Mum said she would give it a try with me, after the wedding of course.  When all the crazy is over.  Speaking of, the wedding is this Saturday, stay tuned for photos!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Scrap it Beginnings

    1. Thank you so much! I love writing and sharing things that help to improve myself. I do hope you keep reading. I like to post about 2-3 time a week. Please of you have any tips let me know :+D


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