Weight loss one baby step at a time

To all my readers, however many you are…HELLO!!!!!!  This is my second post!!!

For the last two days I have been planning what to post this day.  Its Monday, the start of a week and what better day to start one of my goals?   The biggest goal I have and I’ve had it for many years is to lose this jelly belly!! …and my jelly arms… I wave to someone…I stop waving…my arm keeps waving.

For all of you who are unaware, only in the last year have Krispy Kreme restaurants come to Western Australia, for my taste buds, it has been the best 6 months of my life.  How I love my KK’s.  So golden and glazed, soft and moist… Im so glad they are an hour drive from me or I would be there at least twice a week.


I always say I’m going to start a diet, and then someone in the room will laugh, I’ll give you a hint, its me.

Getting into the right frame of mind to motivate myself to start a diet, of course is like the hardest thing EVER!! Not to mention all the food I cant eat…peanut butter M&M’s…Im talking about YOU!  What is a diet anyway?  I don’t know about you, but for me a diet seems to be an acronym.  D.I.E.T… Did I Eat That? or  Did I Even Try?

I usually associate the term ‘Diet’ with words like: deprivation, disappointment, hunger, guilt, suffering.  How familiar does this sound?   I thought about joining Lite n Easy, Jenny Craig, Tony Furguson etc…but I think the only thing losing weight would be my purse!

WELL SCREW IT!! I will not be Dieting!!!!  I will be making a healthy lifestyle change, one baby step at a time.  It will be slow so that each change I make will become a habit.  I guess by making it a habit, I hope to be able to maintain any weight loss I achieve.

While I feel that this is rock bottom for me, the only place I have to go is up.  So I will begin with my first step: Buying a few smaller bowls.  That way when I fill it up I will feel like I’m eating more when I’m actually eating less.  WHAAAAT? handy lil trick me thinks.  Also at least 1 litre of water a day, this will probably send me running to the loo every 15 minutes.  But its worth it.


Because I have been overweight for so long, I am nervous about saggy skin.  I have heard that if I lose weight slowly and drink plenty of water, my skin should retain enough elasticity for it not to be too much of a problem.  Lets try it out.  The younger you are, the easier it is for your skin to bounce back.  Praying and praying that I am young enough!!!!  *nervously glances at calendar*…its already August???…2015??? YIKES!!!!!!!

I think Mondays will have to be lose weight segment.  Why not? Seems to be the best day for it!

Wednesday I will be looking at the basics of scrapbooking.  A new hobby to take my mind off all my KK cravings.

Ciao for now

A xo

3 thoughts on “Weight loss one baby step at a time

  1. Ahh…weight loss. It’s a b*tch!
    Let me tell you cuz, take it slow but dont half ass it! Set yourself a simple “diet” plan… a food calendar.
    Do it just week by week, allow yourself a cheat day and get that body moving!

    Im down 30kg’s since March this year, it hasnt been easy but I never once thought about loose skin… nope dont have it!

    Food is medicine! 💜

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