The start of a new beginning…

So you might think that starting a new chapter, or a new anything in the middle of August is very strange…and I would agree with you…but I hear that there is no time like the present, so WOOOHOOOO!  I’m starting a blog today!

My name is Amanda…aka…Manda, Bubbles or on rare occasion…Mandy.  I decided to name this blog after my favourite childhood ice cream: Bubble-o-Bill.  It was a super tasty cowboy who had a great big bubble gum nose…Ice cream and Bubblegum?!!! 2 for the price of one! I thought it was the bees knees then one day when I was very small, Dad was teaching me to blow a bubble.  In my first attempt at blowing a bubble, I happened to misdirect my air, and spat the gum clear across the front of the car and it landed on the carpeted flooring.  I couldnt stop laughing but Dad was so not impressed.  I was only allowed to practise outside from then on…I dont know why… 😛


I guess I decided to write this blog as a hobby, a way for me to record my progress, things I learn, useful hints I can share…picking up some readers along the way would be bonus!

A bit about me:  I live in Perth, Western Australia.  Its hot here in the summer, windy and rainy in the winter.  I come from a family of 5.  Mum, Dad, Kathy and Trev, my younger sister and brother.  Yes I am the oldest.  It came with its perks…and a few cons.   We are a pretty average family…with a lot of twisted humour.   I cant wait to share all the fun I have over the next half of this year with you!  I already have an exciting week long trip planned for Taiwan in November, also, my sisters wedding next week and in the mean time I will be trying to lose a few kilos, and learn a hobby or two.

I would like to post at least once a week or maybe more…find my groove.

Until next time

A xo

6 thoughts on “The start of a new beginning…

  1. Oooooo I ❤️ bubble o bill ice cream!!!! As a kid I always tried to see how much I could eat around the bubble gum before it would fall off. I’m looking forward sharing your journey with you, wherever it takes you. 😘😘


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